David is a happily married man married to another happily married man, Brett Kiellerop. Together they make up the shared entity known as Brevid: Brett and David.

David was born in Papua New Guinea, but lived in Australia for many years. He has eyes, a face, and the usual number of limbs.

Unfortunately, David likes to inflict his sense of humour on people by writing stories and demanding feedback. People who are kind might refer to his work as quirky, whereas those in the medical profession might back away slowly and stop returning his calls.

On a slightly more serious note, David is a full-time IT professional who wakes up early — every single morning even when it’s Winter — to write. He doesn’t have a good reason why he writes other than it’s fun and feels good to use his creative brain.

On a completely dull note, David has a long history of problems and emotional baggage that he’s still working through. It took him a long time to work up the courage to share his writing with the Internet, but now he’s trying to make up for lost time.

David’s dream is to write full time and make enough money to pay the bills.

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People would have called it The One Day War, had there been anyone left. Conflicts and wars peppered the history books but then, without anyone knowing why, people stopped killing each other. That time didn’t have a name, but it should have. Humanity turned its attention to solving all the other impossible problems: ending hunger, …

The Crackling

People were surprised when it happened, so they said, even though nothing people said mattered anymore. What was the point? Did it really matter who knew what or when they knew it? A guy, a short thin vegetarian with skin the colour of white paint, went around the concentration farms claiming that he always knew. …



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